Laravel development services

We use a customer-centric approach for fast and efficient Laravel project development. Choosing us means getting an experienced team in a variety of industry verticals that can build enterprise applications, e-commerce stores, and dynamic websites.

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Custom Laravel development on VMV Infosoft

VMV Infosoft provides a wide range of custom Laravel development services to our clients. Laravel is an open-source PHP-based framework for web application development. At VMV Infosoft, we work closely with our clients to build robust, scalable, aesthetically pleasing and feature-rich web applications to help them build a strong online presence. Laravel is a versatile framework for developing secure, scalable and maintainable web applications.

It speeds up the development process and thus helps in launching your applications much sooner as compared to other frameworks. Laravel comes with a pre-installed object-oriented library full of great features that are easy to implement.

Our Laravel development service provides high-grade security and protects the applications from any malware activities or security threats. It comes with various tools that help in boosting the performance of web applications. The Blade templating engine allows developers to use pre-defined templates to easily and quickly write specific code.

MVC architecture helps to improve the performance of your application. Frameworks come with tools, libraries, and templates that simplify the development process. This allows developers to build specific functions faster and better. This allows fast and easy development of multilingual applications.

Why choose us for Laravel development services?

Laravel is a well-known and widely used tool for PHP development. It allows the creation of websites of various sizes, e-commerce solutions, ERP and CRM systems, integrating third-party APIs into the software solution in order to expand its capabilities. Our development team is proficient in delivering web and mobile Laravel-based applications for renting cars, trucks, homes, equipment and more. We offer eCommerce platform development for the e-commerce industry using Laravel as a framework.

API development

Using the Laravel framework, the VMV Infosoft development team delivers APIs for customer services. For example, APIs for logistics platforms allow carriers and cargo owners to quickly and easily ship cargo. Our expert Laravel developers will help you create a comprehensive approach to building Laravel powered applications and websites for your business.

Laravel Enterprise Solutions

With relatively small projects, our team has been able to build Laravel-based enterprise-sized solutions with the best possible functionality. We are one of the top Laravel development companies in Eastern Europe. We have years of experience in creating secure, robust solutions for all types of web development projects.

Qualified IT Specialist

We hire experienced professionals who are well versed with new technologies and think out of the box for our Laravel development projects. Our dedicated support team responds quickly to resolve issues and adopt suggestions or improvements proposed by our customers.

Cost savings

Our hourly rates are very low compared to Western Europe and the US. In addition, the outsourcing of software development services provided by VMV Infosoft eliminates additional costs on infrastructure, office, salaries and training. Although we don't claim to sound like native speakers, our pronunciation is clear and easy to understand. We provide real-time communication and expert support on both simple and complex Laravel development projects.