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VMV Infosoft values talent and innovation by providing a platform for employees to explore and enhance their talents. We believe in creating websites, various IT solutions or careers for young minds. We provide a platform where young minds can explore and apply their skills.

Our working life includes weekly fun activities and informative sessions as well as the regular hustle and bustle of office life. We intend to provide value to our customers and clients by maintaining the right mix of fun and focus on our professional development. Celebrating any occasion at VMV Infosoft feels great as we celebrate with our loved ones.

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We are looking for creative minds to help us build the best mobile applications and web-based solutions. Find your role in our team!

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  • Overall 3+ years of experience in Mobile App development
  • Good understanding with the Java / Kotlin programming language, Kotlin, the Android SDK (versions 5.0 and up), Dalvik VM, ART, memory management, strong command of object oriented principles, data structure optimizations, security, IPC, App Modularization, third party service integration
  • Program with the latest Android technologies: Android Architecture Components, Navigation Framework, Android Jetpack, Android NDK, View components, JSON, and more
  • Collaborate, design, and develop new products in Agile development techniques.
  • Implement interaction with Product Managers and UI/UX specialists to create fast, efficient, stable code, with core Android technologies
  • Utilization of REST-ful API design: design and document a client-server protocol, and implement the client side of a documented protocol
  • Implement A/B tests and real-time analytics, as a member of a tight-knit, fast-moving team that includes server-side developers
  • Exceptional coding abilities with Java, Kotlin, and Android SDK (version 5.0 and up)
  • Mobile technology application development and real-world testing with cross-platform mobile development in Flutter with iOS and Android
  • Integrating Flutter with platform-specific code using platform-specific device SDKs
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    It is a dream to work with VMV Infosoft. The culture, the work atmosphere is very pleasant and suitable for every employee. We take care of our employees like assets of the company.

    Perks of working at VMV infosoft

    VMV Infosoft is not just a place where we work. It is a place where we all collectively learn, thrive and grow. Our life at VMV Infosoft is a combination of our dedication, perseverance, learning, fun, laughter and the lifelong memories we make every day.

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