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How we work

Our Working Process

  • Discover
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support & Maintenance

We want to provide a system that will evolve with the organization, keep pace with technology, and the changing demands of your customers.

There are multiple steps within Discovery:

  • Requirements
  • Sitemap
  • Build Spec
  • Prototype/Wireframes

Project planning is a discipline addressing how to complete a project in a certain timeframe, usually with defined stages and designated resources.

Planning divides the activity into these steps:

  • Setting measurable objectives
  • Identifying deliverables
  • Scheduling
  • Planning tasks
  • Supporting plans may encompass human resources, communication

Software design is the process of envisioning and defining software solutions to one or more sets of problems. Integrating of design is trending as never before these days.

  • Creational design patterns
  • Structural design patterns
  • Behavioral design patterns
  • We Provide Awesome Services

Development is the part of the process where software engineers actually program the code for the project. It’s important that every developer sticks to the agreed blueprint.

Developers will follow any coding guidelines as defined by the organization and utilize different tools such as compilers, debuggers, and interpreters.

Software testing is an integral and important phase of the software development process.

This is a process of validating and verifying that a software program/application/product.

  • Meets the requirements that guided its design and development
  • Works as expected
  • Can be implemented with the same characteristics

Once the product is tested, it is deployed in the production environment or first UAT (User Acceptance testing) is done depending on the customer expectation.

After the deployment of a product on the production environment, maintenance of the product i.e. if any issue comes up and needs to be fixed or any enhancement is to be done is taken care by the developers.

Key Features

  • Agile
  • Team
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Confidentiality

Agile methods have sought to reduce delivery times (delivering early, delivering often) to ensure that smaller vertical chunks of the product get to the market, enabling customers to provide feedback early and ensure that the product they finally get meets their needs.

  • We follow Scrum
  • Extreme Programming
  • Adaptive Software Development
  • Kanban
  • Behaviour Driven Development

The VMV Infosoft team is an expert who are passionate about their work, have excelled in their field.

Each staff member has the ability to communicate directly with the client.

We focus on to be a better team member:

  • Understand Role
  • Welcome Collaboration
  • Hold Yourself Accountable
  • Positive Attitude
  • Commit To The Team

Good customer service is the quality and timely assistance provided by a business and its employees to the people who use or buy its products and services.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer retention
  • Customer referrals
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Better work environment
  • Competitive advantage

The Quality Factors, Quality Criteria and Quality Metrics must be consciously addressed, right from the start of the project life cycle. A project deliverable is any specific output element that’s a result of deliberate work done during the project.

  • Define quality and commit to quality
  • Stick to the project requirements!
  • Perform quality assurance
  • Follow the project processes
  • Project De-Brief

We believe our customer’s confidentiality as the vital aspect of a long-term relationship with our clients. We give the guarantee to keep our client’s IP during the complete project cycle. A confidentiality agreement is often used in situations wherein sensitive corporate information or proprietary knowledge is not to be made available to the general public or to competitors

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Technology Security
  • Data Protection
  • Data Backup
  • Infrastructure Security


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