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VMV Infosoft is home to expert Firebase app developers, developing backends for Android, iOS and web applications since a decade. We judiciously use Firebase’s ‘Backend-as-a-Service’ model to help us develop our customer’s applications ahead of market competition.

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Outgrow competition in your domain with Firebase app development

We help businesses capture the market and gain the loyalty of the public by providing advanced features and capabilities in applications. With precision and scalability, we help businesses expand and grow the way they desire. All this is made possible by our Firebase development services that help us build a robust and powerful back-end for applications that you can always rely on.

Our Firebase experts are just what you are looking for. They understand your business idea, they know what you need and they are very knowledgeable about Firebase. Simply put, it has everything you need for your next Firebase project. They will help you plan, construct and estimate the scope of work, giving you reliable advice.

If you ever feel that the back end of your application is out of date then trust your gut feeling because it definitely is. Because no one cares that the backend of the application is rusting. This is where the Google Firebase developers from VMV Infosoft come into action and take care of all your needs for Firebase integration or migration to Firebase in your system.

The world is driven by consumers and their loyalty lies only with those companies that answer their question, ‘What else is there?’ With our advanced Firebase mobile app development, we help you build a solid foundation for your mobile app that will only inspire. The more you do with the app, the more the app will perform like anything else.

Fast, simple and easy, web application like nature. For maximum scalability, fast response and fast data saving and retrieval, you can always rely on our remarkable Firebase web application development services. We are here to explore the possibilities in the market by exposing you to the limitless capabilities of Firebase and its powerful products.

One of the best features of Firebase is its incredible cloud synchronization capabilities. Our intelligent Google Firebase developers can create and implement APIs that help synchronize data across the Firebase cloud and client applications. The seamless real-time synchronization provided by Firebase is out of this world and makes everything faster.

Developing a mobile or web application is not a big deal. How we design the experience around it makes all the difference. Therefore, we implement Cloud Firestore in Android, iOS and web apps to sync and store across devices and make it as easy as possible to use it globally. We also help you build true serverless apps.

Firebase is a mobile app development framework built on Google infrastructure that adds agility and simplicity to product development, integration, enhancement, bug fix and release processes, it also contributes to app marketing, user engagement and user experience.

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Firebase provides functionality like analytics, database, messaging and crash reporting for you to build your new application or enhance your existing application. Firebase lets you prioritize and fix issues, provides app performance, and lets you test your app to improve app quality. At VMV Infosoft, we allow our clients to hire our Google Firebase developers who are committed to helping them with next generation back-end development. In addition, our Firebase development services also include a Firebase migration service that allows our customers to enjoy the latest and greatest features and capabilities of the Firebase back-end. We understand the requirements of different industries and dynamic projects. To address the versatile needs of dynamic industrial domains, we have adopted flexible hiring modules that suit every business requirement.

Top Notch UI/UX Services

Our Firebase app development expert team builds robust and scalable UX/UI development solutions that deliver user-experience from front-end solutions or back-end architecture solutions using the latest interface technologies.

Real-time database

Firebase Real-Time Database is a cloud-hosted database where data is stored as JSON and is synchronized in real time to each connected client reflecting the latest data.

Serverless apps

Real-Time Database provides mobile and web SDK so that we can build applications without any server. It executes backend code that reacts to events triggered by your database using Cloud Functions.

Offline support

Real-Time Database provides mobile and web SDK so that we can build applications without any server. It executes backend code that reacts to events triggered by your database using Cloud Functions.

Easily access devices

Real-time synchronization makes it easy for users to access their data from any device, such as the web or mobile devices. You can partition your data across multiple database instances within a single Firebase project.

QA & Testing Services

We provide a wide range of testing services to optimize the quality and improve the performance of your Firebase application, our custom dedicated QA team ensures application security, UI and performance without compromising on quality and improving user satisfaction. examines.